1. Criminal Law
  2. Right to Leave
  3. Travel Ban
Every citizen of Bangladesh has the right to leave and re-enter the country as guaranteed by Article 36 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (Constitution). Minimum curtailment of this fundamental right except as provided by law will be a violation of the constitutional mandate. As an accused person is presumed innocent until […]
  1. Criminal Law
  2. Law on Bail
Bail has been established as a method for an accused person to be released from public custody and placed in private custody. However, for many years, courts have granted bail to the accused with an additional burden of restriction, and bail that is accompanied by such restriction or condition is referred to as conditional bail. […]
  1. Restorative Justice
Traditional criminal justice system observes crime as a violation of law and the central focus of this system is to punish offenders. However, certain crimes are not only against the law, but also against individuals and interpersonal relationships, and in order to handle such crimes, social, psychological, and relational injuries must be recognized alongside material […]